Me Are Polar Bear

Client: Schönbrunner Tiergarten-Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Vienna Zoo in Schönbrunn, Maxingstraße 13 b, 1130 Vienna, Austria

Concept & design: Studio Kudlich / Mag. Hans-Peter Kudlich —
planning, exhibition architecture incl. showcase planning, graphic design, lighting concept

A trip to the Polar World
The Schönbrunn Zoo was expanded in the spring of 2014 with a new construction building (polar dome, Franz Josef Land) explaining the life and environment of the polar bears as well as the flora and fauna of the polar regions. The aim was to use innovative and didactic tools to make the Arctic habitat "experiencable" for the visitor. In addition to interactive stations and historical exhibits regarding the first polar expedition, the
visitor should be captured emotionally by the aurora borealis, wandering lights, acoustics and atmosphere. In some areas of the room, for example, the temperature is lowered considerably, and the light and color spectrum are adjusted to the real habitat. Now, when the visitors enter Franz Josef Land, they immerse themself into an Arctic production in which the cold is not only physically perceptible, but life at the North
Pole is generally noticeable on several sensory levels.

Creative concept
Exposed concrete forms the background for large-scale photos and graphics on Alucupond, as well as for naturalistic objects. These are in contrast to projected images and lenticular images whose optical movements represent another level of mediation (e.g., seasonal changes or the movement of the polar bear). Tonality and formal dissolution of the textual information distinguish the three main topics “Franz Josef Land”, “from the Antarctic to the Arctic” (Polar Dome)
and “Ecology and Climate Change”. At the same time, the quality of media technology, the typographic processing and the formal language of the installations combine all areas into one overall project.

Year: completed in May 2014
Graphic design: Mia Fyu, Geoffrey Wirth, Ismaël Sanou
Areas of work: collaboration on interior & graphic design — draft, layout, final artwork, reconstruction of historical exhibits (prop design)
Designed area: 350m²
Total area facility: 1.700 m²
Photos: CheckpointMedia,Teresa Steiner, Daniel Zupanc